Jennifer Lopez’s former publicist reveals the main reason for the failure of the singer’s new album – El Diario NY

Jennifer Lopez’s former publicist reveals the main reason for the failure of the singer’s new album – El Diario NY

The first months of 2024 have not been the best in the life of Jennifer Lopez. And despite the great expectations generated by his new album, “This Is Me… Now”, the truth is that the actress’s material has not managed to connect with the public and critics.

It is worth mentioning that after his debut, “This Is Me…Now” failed to surpass position number 38 within the Top Billboard, one of the most prestigious rankings in the world of music. Likewise, the homonymous audiovisual material that accompanied the album, as well as the documentary that narrates the development process of the album, did not obtain the relevance expected by the artist.

Although most experts and critics within the music industry point out that the failure of JLo is because it has been relegated by a large number of new stars, such as Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swiftamong others, in addition to the fact that her music has not adapted to current events, the Latin artist’s former publicist, Rob Shuter, recently revealed a more weighty reason: her relationship with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez posing.
Jennifer López will premiere the film “Atlas” on Netflix.
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Doesn’t anyone care about the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez?

In accordance with Rob Shuterthe singer’s former publicist, the real reason for the failure of “This Is Me… Now“, is because it takes as its central point the relationship of Lopez with the actor and director Ben Afflecksomething that the public is not interested in.

Jennifer has always been a genius at marketing and public relations, but she miscalculated and believed that the world is still interested in her love with Ben Affleck. But no one cares about Bennifer. The world moved on.”

Rob Shuter

JLo’s former publicist

Through a large number of interviews before and after the release of the album, as well as in the documentary itself, the singer has revealed that the Oscar winner for “Argo” was a “fundamental piece” in the development of the new material.

Jennifer Lopez posing.

Likewise, the artist has confessed on countless occasions that the vast majority of songs on her album talk about the various processes she went through and suffered to reunite with the American.

Given this situation, various sources close to the Latina have expressed that JLo He is extremely sad about the situation because “he left his heart and soul in this project.” It is worth mentioning that in previous weeks, López canceled about 7 concerts of his United States tour for no apparent reason. Later, it was revealed that the real reason for this series of cancellations was due to low ticket sales at the scheduled venues.

Jennifer Lopez posing.
Jennifer Lopez was recently seen, along with Ben Affleck, looking for a house in New York.

In addition to all of the above, Jennifer Lopez She has been severely criticized, through social networks, for various situations such as the video where she is seen spitting a piece of gum into her assistant’s hand. It is worth remembering that the Latina invested nearly 20 million from her own “pocket” to finance her new project.

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