Jeremy Allen White would play Bruce Springsteen in the film “Nebraska” – El Diario NY

Jeremy Allen White would play Bruce Springsteen in the film “Nebraska” – El Diario NY

American actor Jeremy Allen White He would be very close to facing the greatest acting challenge in his long career: giving life to the legendary singer. Bruce Springsteen on the tapeNebraska”.

According to the specialized media Deadline, the multi-award-winning protagonist of the successful series “The Bear” is in talks to play the American rocker during his journey to make his sixth album, from 1982, “Nebraska”.

Provisionally titled “Deliver me From Nowhere”, the film would be directed and written by filmmaker Scott Cooper based on Warren Zanes’ 2003 book, “Deliver Me From Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.” The film would also have the “seal” of the famous studio A24, responsible for major box office hits and Oscar winners such as “moonlight“, “Everywhere Everything All At Once”.

Jeremy Allen White goes from The Bear to The Boss

As revealed by Deadline, the tape will also chronicle the album’s impact.Nebraska” in the artist, who was characterized by imbuing a darker but simple style in his artistic direction.

It should be noted that the “Born In The USA” singer recorded “Nebraska” on a four-track cassette in his New Jersey bedroom.

Rosalía posing on a red carpet.

Deliver me From Nowhere” would thus become the first biographical film of the American singer-songwriter. In previous years, Springsteen He has entered the cinema through the composition of various songs for films such as “Jerry Maguire”, “Dead Man Walking” and “Philadelphia”, for which he received an Oscar award for the song “Streets of Philadelphia”.

The same way, Springsteen He made a brief cameo in the film “High Fidelity” in addition to being the inspiration, through his song “Highway Patrolman”, for the Sean Penn film “The Indian Runner”. Finally, in 2019, Springsteen’s music was the starting point for the film “Blinded By The Light.”

Jeremy Allen White is living his best moment

After establishing himself as one of the best actors of the moment thanks to his role as Carmen Berzatto in the series “The Bear”, Jeremy Allen White He joined the recent film “The Iron Claw” as one of the members of the famous Von Erich family of fighters.

Currently, the actor is filming a new season of the acclaimed and successful television drama “The Bear.” Likewise, and outside of his acting career, the American has been romantically linked to the Spanish singer Rosalia.

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