Jesús ‘Canelo’ Angulo promises a different tournament with Chivas: “We are indebted to the fans and those who support us”

Canelo Angulo started 14 times in the Apertura with Chivas.

Canelo Angulo started 14 times in the Apertura with Chivas.

Photo: Fabian Meza / Imago7

The situation of Chivas de Guadalajara It is at a breaking point in which the fans demand good results and they will press until the objectives are achieved. That is why this season will be key for them and Jesus ‘Canelo’ Angulo He sent a message of optimism to the followers of El Rebaño.

The offensive midfielder entered in the 78th minute, instead of Alexis Vega, in Chivas’ 3-0 win against Mazatlán FC at the Omnilife stadium. It was a result to bring initial joy and Angulo states that “this tournament will be different” for the club.

“Obviously people are unhappy, disappointed with the role we have played in previous tournaments and they are fully entitled, he said in an interview with the newspaper Record.

Jesús ‘Canelo’ Angulo – Record

Chivas comes from being out in the Liga MX playoff against Puebla on penalties (6-5) after drawing 2-2. An end that hurt the fans.

“I am sure this tournament will be different and they will see it from the first weekend, we come with a different mentality., wanting to have a good tournament and to take Chivas where he deserves. We all have the same thought and if we continue like this, important things will come ”, declared the ‘Canelo’.

Ángel Zaldívar, Eduardo Torres and Alexis Vega were the authors of the goals in the first win of the 2022 Clausura Tournament for those led by Michel Leaño, a coach who had the opportunity to make his mark in the preseason.

“I think that both I and my colleagues have given one hundred percent in each training session throughout the preseason and that is important because a lot of internal competition is being generated and it forces us to be at full capacity for when the teacher needs us,” closed the steering wheel. .

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