Jesús Mendoza, ex of Mayeli Alonso, denounces robbery with blood on his face

mayelialonso lupillorivera divorcio

The one who until recently was the boyfriend of Mayeli Alonso, turn ex of Lupillo rivera, Jesus Mendoza, made a video that has been viralized since yesterday on social networks where He denounces that he and the other members of his gang were robbed with an armed hand. In the background you can see the bus in which they were traveling, as well as the blood on the singer’s face.

“Unfortunately We just got mugged here in Tracy, California. On the staff, I have two shots with a pistol that I hit here in the head … There were several of us who were here, but we couldn’t do anything because they came with pistols … “, said the ex of Mayeli Alonso, Jesús Mendoza, while showing the consequences of the robbery. Not only him he had blood on his face also his companions.

The singer also indicated that their belongings were stolen: wallets, cell phones and instruments. At the same time that a Jesus Mendoza very nervous and upset, it was also appreciated that the police were already on the scene.

Jesus Mendoza He took the opportunity to apologize to the audience that was waiting for them in Tracy, California and said that all they wanted at that moment was to be calm and run to the side of their loved ones.

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