Jim Carrey says goodbye to Twitter with a mysterious message

Jim Carrey says goodbye to Twitter with a mysterious message

Jim Carrey

The actor and comedian Jim Carrey, who in April announced that he would take a break from film productions and filming, reported that he will close his Twitter profile, it is not known if it will be permanently or temporarily.

Carrey, 60, shared a post on his social network profile to make public his intention to move away from this platform. The protagonist of ‘The Mask’ he said goodbye to his followers with a cartoon and a message.

“I’m leaving Twitter, but first here’s a cartoon I did with my friend Jimmy Hayward,” he wrote in what appears to be his latest post. In the post he explains a bit of the graphic content.

“It is based on my painting of a crazy old lighthouse keeper, standing naked in a storm, summoning the angels and shining his lamp to guide us through a treacherous night”.

Although he did not give further details, it is speculated that the comedian’s decision has to do with the new Twitter policies that arose from the acquisition by Australian businessman Elon Musk, but there are no clear indications that this is the case.

The mysterious farewell message suggests that this is the case, since thousands of people have complained that the social network is not having filters to prevent there is a massive spread of hate content.

Jim’s publication surprised many users, who directly questioned the reason for his determination, especially because of the way he says goodbye to his followers, some of the comments were severe.

Why are you leaving Twitter? Are you not in favor of free speech? Do you support censorship of ideas you disagree with, i.e. conservatism? Are you afraid of confronting those you disagree with and debating? Don’t you think quitting Twitter is cowardly?” commented.

Despite the fact that there was a great reaction, the comedian did not respond to any of the questions or give more details about the reason for his decision. Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, various public figures, as well as personalities, have left the platform.

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