Jim Carrey says he’s ‘disgusted’ by Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock

Many celebrities are those who have gone out to give a negative opinion about what happened at the ceremony 94th edition of the Oscar Awardsafter Will Smith slaps Chris Rock for a joke about Jada Pinkett鈥檚 alopecia; however, one of the harshest criticisms of his violent attitude was issued by Jim Carreywho mentioned that if he had been the one affected, would have sued Pinchett鈥檚 husband for a large amount of money.

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if it had been mewould have announced this morning (the next morning) that I was going to sue Will for 200 million dollarsbecause that video will be there foreverit will be history. That insult will last a long time鈥, declared the interpreter of The Mask, to the presenter Gyale King in an interview for the CBS This Morning program.

And so far it is known that Chris Rock decided not to press charges against Smith for his reaction to the comedian鈥檚 unfortunate comment and about it, Jim claimed he did it because he (Rock) didn鈥檛 want any more trouble. In addition, far from supporting the recent Oscar winner for King Richard or get on the memes, the comedian He has been very critical of the whole event, with the reaction of the also actor and that of the public that applauded him when he received his Oscar.

鈥淚t disgusts me, and the ovation they gave him disgusted me. In Hollywood they are cowards. I felt it as an indication that we are no longer a club of cool people, 鈥渟aid Carrey, recalling the much-mentioned event.

In this regard, he also pointed out that I expected security at the Dolby Theater in Los Angelessite where the important event took place, escort Jada Pinchett鈥檚 husband off the premises.

You can鈥檛 do that, you can鈥檛 go on stage and hit people just for words, Will must have something inside of him that he hasn鈥檛 resolved and I hope it goes well for himI wish him well (鈥) i have nothing against will smith鈥, he added.


When the presenter commented on how the situation had escalated very quickly, Carrey simply replied that there was nothing to escalate and that Will had ended up attracting all the attention of the nightwhen it was the time for many people to celebrate their work throughout the year.

It eclipsed everyone鈥檚 moment to shine. Many people worked very hard to be there and have their moment and receive that award for that very hard work, it鈥檚 not a small feat everything you have to do to be nominated for an Oscar (鈥) and It was a selfish moment, to overshadow all that鈥, he assured.

Finally, Jim Carrey stressed that it is very different to disagree with a comedian and express discontent from your seat or on social networks, to become physically violent: 鈥If you want, you shout from your seats and show your disapproval as a public, or say something on Twitter, but you have no right to go on stage and hit someone for saying something you don鈥檛 like.鈥

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Now we just have to wait to know what will be the actions taken by the Academy cinema against actor Will Smith.

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla

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