JLo’s FURIOUS reaction when they asked her if she would leave Ben Affleck I VIDEO

JLo’s FURIOUS reaction when they asked her if she would leave Ben Affleck I VIDEO


Amidst the rumors of his divorce of Ben AffleckJennifer López once again appeared completely alone at one of her media events. This time, the singer also traveled to Mexico along with the cast of the film ‘Atlas,’ a Netflix production in which López shares credits with Simu Liu; and of course, although the film may be very interesting for a few, its respective press conference was surrounded by questions about Ben Afflecksomething that was not to the liking of J.Lo.

J.Lo’s annoyance at questions about her separation from Ben Affleck

Until now, it is a fact that marriage between J.Lo and Ben Affleck is going through marked difficulties. On the one hand, some of their close sources claim that they already live separately; But a few others close to them have declared that all is not lost, and that they are making an effort to stay married. Thus, to try to obtain the definitive answer, a Mexican reporter asked Jennifer, in the middle of the ‘Atlas’ press conference, if she divorce with Ben it was real. The vocal reaction after ‘Play’ was unprecedented:

In the viral video that rescued the moment in which the reporter questions J.Loyou can see how the actress’s face changes. For the same reason, she soon frowns and shouts “Tell me, what’s wrong with you? You know better than me” at her interviewer. After finally exhaling an awkward laugh, actor Simu Liu (who was next to López) protected his partner and closed the conversation with “OK, we’re not going to do that, guys. Thank you all very much.” Thus, the status of the love phenomenon ‘Bennifer’ remains a mystery.

Shortly after Simu Liu’s intervention, and still visibly upset, J.Lo He changed his position and continued scolding the reporter who asked him about his possible divorce with Ben Affleck. Finally, she ended up sentencing him with “Think better about what you’re going to ask.” In order to continue supporting J.LoSimu told members of the press “not to come forward with that energy.”

To calm things down, Simu Liu reiterated his support for J.Lo and issued a final ‘scolding’ to the reporter: Please don’t come here with that attitude. «I would like to add that Jen is a producer on this film and it is because of her that we are here today. She is a person who cares about due representation and diversity in films, and we can only be grateful (…) She is the boss.»

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