Joan Manuel Serrat throws flowers at C. Tangana and Rosalía

Joan Manuel Serrat throws flowers at C. Tangana and Rosalía


The famous singer Joan Manuel Serrat considered this Wednesday, November 2, that the also Spanish Rosalía and C. Tangana, both with a great international projection, are “two exceptional artists” who have worked “very intelligently”, and predicted for them a ” very long way”.

«They are very young artists but very curdled. They are very long-distance artists. As soon as things go well for them, unless they go awry,” the 78-year-old Catalan singer-songwriter told EFE at a press conference in Buenos Aires, at the beginning of the Argentine leg of his farewell tour of the stages. who already brought him to Venezuela.

Serrat considered that Rosalía and C. Tangana have worked “very intelligently” and are “very complete”, although he also wanted to highlight that there is another “greater” generation of artists who, without having such an international dimension as them, also have their worth.

Convinced that the current musical moment is “very interesting”, he affirmed that in its beginnings, 50 years ago, “everything was separated more easily”.

«Now there is a great fusion, twinning, mess, call it what you want, between musical formulas, and also musical results. Things that one does not quite understand very well, but time is already taking care of putting them in their place », he added.

artistic satisfaction

Asked about the space that currently exists for singer-songwriters, and if you imagine what it would be like, in your case, to start in today’s world, Serrat said that “at least it would be interesting.”

«I have had a very satisfying life personally and artistically. I have been a survivor in many cases and a person who has known what a man hopes to know in this life in a very satisfying way. If they gave me the opportunity to start, I would resign, I would say that I don’t want to. But you have to admit that he has a sweet tooth », he considered.

“I was the result of a time and circumstances, and that time and circumstances are what made me take this path,” he clarified, to emphasize that now reality and his fantasies “perhaps they would not marry well in that hypothetical future,” which is the present.

Joan Manuel Serrat has a string of more than successful songs. “I was born in the Mediterranean”, “Your name tastes like grass to me”, “My childhood”, “The woman I love”, “Palabras de amor” and the famous “Cantares” are part of the repertoire of several generations.


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