Jomari Goyso shares his opinion on Shakira’s song: “Again with the same victimization”

Jomari Goyso shares his opinion on Shakira’s song: “Again with the same victimization”

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The Spanish Jomari Goyso recently spoke about Shakira’s song, which was also recorded with Bizarrap. In turn, he clarified that he did not think that a moment like this would come, but He found himself in need of expressing what he thinks about itbecause he was not very happy after all that was mentioned.

Goyso on the social network Instagram shared a video where he explained step by step what he perceived from the song, while pointing out that the story would have been completely different if Gerard Piqué had taken a song from the mother of his children.

“Now it’s a woman singing to a man, but What would happen if that song was made by Piqué for Shakira? Would people think the same or not? I have seen many people saying that it is art, well, yes, there are many ways to make art ”, he begins by saying in the audiovisual that he posted on the aforementioned application.

However, he had much more forceful phrases after mentioning: “Entertaining with his private life, in which the children are involved.

Jomari explained that from the moment someone decides to attack another, even through music, that ceases to be “art”. In addition, she added that he saw it as completely unnecessary for the Colombian to reach that point in her life, so she believes that she simply would not want to take responsibility for her actions.

“For me when art attacks another person it is no longer art, It is revenge made art. I understand that the new generations have a technique now that is to insult someone (…) but there are artists like Shakira who don’t need that, or seem to need it in the end because she has done it. After all, when I heard the song I said: ‘Again with the same victimization. That if you are a lioness, a tigress, the other is a dragged cat. But well, I don’t know, something made you bring him into his life. It’s not always the outsiders’ faultfrom the new one who is with the ex, we have to have a responsibility and I think that these messages help to not have responsibility ”, he added.

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