Juan Carlos Osorio is back in Liga MX to coach Xolos de Tijuana – La Opinión

Juan Carlos Osorio is back in Liga MX to coach Xolos de Tijuana – La Opinión

The Xolos of Tijuana did not beat around the bush to try to green the lauros in the Liga MX by hiring the services of the sought-after Colombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who in the 2018 World Cup in Russia passed without pain or glory to the in front of the Mexican National Team and that now he will try to make the border team walk in the second project led by the South American strategist in the Aztec championship.

In this way, the rumors that placed the aforementioned Osorio in the team owned by the businessman culminated. Jorge Hank, with the intention that this new project makes us forget the championships that under the orders of Miguel Herrera they could not function and placed the Tijuana team in last places

Osorio, well known in Mexican soccer for his time leading Puebla in the Liga MX in the 2012 Clausura tournament, where he could not impose his philosophy and had to leave through the back door with only eleven games coached, where he added two wins, two draws and seven losses, six of them in a row that cost him his premature departure from the La Franja team.

Subsequently, Osorio, with a long career in the best leagues in the world, once again received the opportunity in Aztec football to lead the Mexican National Team in the 2018 World Cup process where he achieved the great historic victory. over Germany and then a victory over South Korea, could not go any further than other processes when they were eliminated in the round of 16 by Brazil.

Imago 699526
Juan Carlos Osorio in an image of his time with the Mexican National Team, is back on tricolor soil at the head of the Xolos de Tijuana. Photo: Ismael Arroyo/Imago7

Juan Carlos Osorio’s resume includes having directed teams such as Millonarios de Bogotá, Chicago Fire, Red Bull New York, Once Caldas, Puebla, Atlético Nacional, São Paulo, Paraguay National Team, Atlético Nacional, América de Cali, Zamalek and Atlético Paranaense in Brazil.

Osorio will have a complicated job, since the Xolos showed many shortcomings in their performance and obviously will have to cover all the gaps that the Miguel Herrera, who could never find the thread to achieve the highest achievements and be able to recover the prestige of yesteryear.

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