Juan Rivera talks about the possible reason that did not allow Lupillo to win ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

Juan Rivera talks about the possible reason that did not allow Lupillo to win ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

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Lupillo Rivera was surprised and disappointed by the result, but maintained his composure after Maripily was the winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’. However, Juan was interviewed by Doña Rosa andconducted a study of what would not have allowed him to take home the jackpot.

“It doesn’t matter what team it is, whether it is my carnal this time, whether it is the last season of Dania, of Paty, of the previous seasons… When the contestant that a certain group supports does not win, all the groups cry fraud. All. So it’s not cool, I say this from experience. I cannot say that there was no fraud, I cannot say that there was fraud because I do not know and it is an injustice, not only for the network, for the production, but for all the contestants. We saw the support that my carnal had here, but no We saw the support that Maripily had where she was, we did not see the support that Alana or Romeh could have had“He said on the YouTube channel.

In terms of ratings, Univision is much bigger than Telemundo. On the East Coast, which is New York, Las Carolinas, Atlanta, Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico, Telemundo is much stronger there than here (Los Angeles). Telemundo’s numbers are very weak here, so what happens and you have to think about this is also 2 wins in a row that are from Puerto Rico. The program is 3 hours ahead there. “When voting closes there, people are still working here,” Juan commented to Doña Rosa.

Social networks exploded with messages of support for Lupillo, criticizing the voters’ decision and questioning the transparency of the contest. Some followers even called for an investigation to determine if there was any type of fraud in the vote.

“I don’t know how many votes there were for Geraldine, but those are x amount of Mexican votes that did not go to Lupe. How many votes did Alana have? That number of votes… There are 5, I don’t know at what level they are divided, but they are Mexicans voting for 5 different people when in Puerto Rico they were voting for one.”he expressed.

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