Juan Rivera: “This is how we found my sister”

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in your video Juan Rivera says that at the time he thought his sister Jenni might have been able to jump out of the plane. The famous music producer and businessman narrated in an 18-minute video how they found out about the singer’s death and what the experience of visiting the scene was like.

The publication of this video was made on September 9, 2021. And it already has more than 577 thousand views. Along with the video, Juan Rivera added this message: “One of the most difficult moments for any brother must be having to recognize what is left of his sister. Juan narrates the moment of going for Jenni to the place of her accident”.

Among the reactions of the video you can read that many only ask for Jenni. Saying that they hope that at the time of her death the singer did not feel anything: “No one talks about how difficult it feels to hear this to understand how everything happened, just think about it from all points of view. We all suffered and it was shocking, I wish Jenni didn’t feel pain there that day”, “Nine years after Jenny’s death and her absence hurts. You were a good brother who took care of her sister until the last moment”.

Over the years, Juan Rivera has earned the friendship and affection of many, but he also has a considerable number of detractors. However, it seems that there are more who believe him and for this reason they tell him: “The truth is that this man is sincere to me and because of the great love he has for his sister he speaks with his heart in his hand, God bless you to you and your family”.

Chiquis Rivera saw terrible images of her mother’s death

There is also a video of the interview on YouTube. Chiquis Rivera made with Univision. About this they say: “The day Jenni died, social networks were full of images that Chiquis does not want to remember again.”

At first Chiquis says that she thought that Jenni Rivera was alive, that she was going to return. She even believed that maybe she was kidnapped. Chiquis was very young when all this happened, for that reason she says that it was difficult for her to accept it, but once she understood it, he asked her mother for strength to allow her to be strong to explain to her little brothers that her mother he wasn’t going to come back.

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