Juan Soler and Maki are officially divorced

Juan Soler and Maki are officially divorced

Juan Soler and his now ex-wife Maki Moguilevsky are now officially divorced, four years after announcing their breakup. The actress gave some statements in which she acknowledged that she did not feel free to fall in love with her again.

Maki admitted that it was not easy to close that chapter in her life with the father of her two teenage daughters, Mía and Azul. In fact, she mentioned that both postponed the signing of the documents that legally separated them due to their few intentions of leaving their comfort zone, highlighted People en Español.

“It’s like you say: ‘it doesn’t matter, then I sign, then I get divorced, then I see the agreement, then I see how it turns out, what he leaves me, what I keep.’ It’s like you’re always procrastinating.”

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Given the forceful statements, the renowned Argentine actor did not hesitate to react. “Yes? Where did that (divorce with Maki) come from? Who said that?” Juan Soler asked the media, visibly upset. “How nice! Ok, it’s fine! Great!” he said.

It was learned that Soler has tried to give himself another chance at love with his ex-girlfriend, María José Barbaglia in 2021, while for Maki it has not been easy to give Cupid a new chance. Even at the beginning of 2020 it was confirmed that the model had ended her brief romance with businessman Enrique Hernández-Pons. In this sense, the actress pointed out that after her break with the father of her daughters, she could not feel “free”.

«That energetically, if someone comes into your life, it’s like no. Although he had a partner and everything, I didn’t feel free to (also have a partner), since I hadn’t signed, since I hadn’t arranged things with him, it was always like: I don’t want him to get angry, anyway, and if I have a boyfriend, I don’t tell anyone. That in a way is a brake that was very important (in the process),” Maki revealed.

solid couple

The actors were married in 2003 and as a result of their relationship, Mía, 17, and Azul, 15, were born. The couple was one of the most solid in the show until they announced their breakup in November 2018.

«I got married at 28, I had my daughters at 30 and at 40 I had a hyper-crisis of identity, of feeling that I needed to live. I got divorced because I had that crisis at around 42 and that led me to divorce,” the actress explained in a past interview on the “Netas Divinas” program.

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