Juan Soto established a new mark in the history of the New York Yankees – La Opinion

Juan Soto established a new mark in the history of the New York Yankees – La Opinion

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Dominican outfielder Juan Soto is barely still a man who is and makes a difference for the organization of the New York Yankees and in what was his first official game with the uniform of the so-called ‘Bronx Mules’ he established a new mark within the team that no other player in the history of the Yankees had achieved before.

Juan Soto was able to go 1 for 3 with 2 walks, scored a run and struck out once in a total of five plate appearances in his debut with the New York Yankees against none other than the Houston Astros. However, the highlight of all this was that in the debut of the Dominican player he made a clutch play in the ninth inning, managing to make an accurate throw to home plate to put Mauricio Dubon out of circulation in an attempt to score the run of the match tie.

It was precisely with this winning shot, accurate and that unleashed the emotion from New York fans that Soto became the first player with a defensive assist and an RBI in an opening game in the history of the Bront organization.

Juan Soto back to right field.

Juan Soto accepted the San Diego Padres’ decision to move to left field because Fernando Tatis Jr would be moved from shortstop to right field in the 2022 season. However, his initial wishes were to stay on the right side of the outfield, but being his friend and countryman, he had no problem sacrificing himself.

However, with his arrival to the New York Yankees something different happened.since said team made the decision to move Aaron Judge to center field and keep Alex Verdugo in left field, so that Soto remains where he feels most comfortable, which is the right field.

The sports magazine Baseball America in recent days caused a stir by projecting that the player born in the Dominican Republic, the outfielder Juan Soto who currently defends the colors of ‘Los Mulos del Bronx’, the New York Yankees, deserves a historic contract of 701 million dollars for what will be his foray into the agency free for the 2025 season.

He would surpass Ohtani

The projection that has been given has surprised many in the world of baseball organized since if true and if it could come true, this would represent the most valuable and largest long-term contract in the history of baseball, even surpassing by one million dollars the Japanese Shohei Ohtani who now lives in the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Soto is an outfielder who is known for his great skills and abilities as a player, being a top-level hitter and very talented in covering the outfield; The Dominican has been a key player and one of the most striking in each of the teams where he has participated since he debuted in the Major Leagues in the 2018 season.

At just 26 years old, Soto has accumulated great numbers and awards who recognize his worth and performance in the big tent, in addition to having been selected to the All-Star Game and being considered one of the possible winners of the Most Valuable Player award of the regular season. Since his arrival in ‘The Big Apple’ with the New York Yankees, his impact has been more than notable and he is today a key and fundamental piece in the team’s lineup.

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