Julián Quiñones and “Chicharito” Hernández, are the doubts in the probable teams for the National Classic – La Opinión

Julián Quiñones and “Chicharito” Hernández, are the doubts in the probable teams for the National Classic – La Opinión

With doubts about Julián Quiñones in América’s starting eleven and Javier Hernández in the Chivas team, both teams will have the following probable lineups for the 191st edition of the National Classic in a regular tournament and in a league with an advantage for the American team of 67 victories to 63 for the Sacred Flock.

Both players have not started in the duels that their teams have had so far. in the league, with the Dutchman Javairo Dilrosun taking his places for the Águilas and Ricardo Marín for Guadalajara, without this being an impediment for Quiñones in the quarterfinal game against Pachuca to have scored the final goal that gave him the pass the eleventh led by the Brazilian André Jardine went to the semifinals.

But beyond everything, both Quiñones and “Chicharito” have not lived up to their level and that is why they are the big doubts in the lineups of their respective teams for the duel that It will begin this Saturday, May 18 at 8:00 p.m. Central Mexico time (10 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Pacific).

América in this case would start with Luis Malagón in goal, Ismael Reyes, Ramón Juárez, Igor Lichnovsky and Christian Calderón in defense; Jonathan Dos Santos, Álvaro Fidalgo, Alejandro Zendejas and Diego Valdés in midfield; Henry Martín and Javairo Dilrosun or Julián Quiñones in the attack.

Everything indicates that they will continue to be ignored. Kevin Álvarez due to his absence from the game, Therefore, the only real doubt in the American eleven is in the attack, since it seems very complicated for Salvador Reyes to appear instead of “Chicote” Calderón, but in such a definitive game, anything can happen.

While for Chivas, along with the question of being able to throw out “Chicharito” Hernández from the first minute of play instead of Ricardo Marín, it cannot be ruled out that Fernando “Oso” González and Cade Cowell are part of the starting team and even Antonio “Pollo” Briseño who has lost prominence with Tiba Sepúlveda and Jesús Orozco Chiquete.

The reality is that Fernando Gago has shown signs of knowing how to move his people and this Saturday apparently will also have many variants, especially to try to force America to attack them and open up spaces in this final duel.

It should be noted that we will also have to wait for the report of Erick Gutiérrez in the midfield who was injured in his right shoulder and it is difficult for him to appear at the start of hostilities, which would open up the option for Fernando “Oso” González too much.

Imago 1517991
Javier Hernández is the big doubt of the Sacred Flock for the duel against America. Photo: Óscar Meza/Imago7.

So we should take with the reservations that the case merits the probable alignment of Chivas with José Rangel in goal; Alan Mozo, Gilberto Sepúlveda, Jesús Orozco and José Castillo in defense; Víctor Guzmán, Fernando Beltrán, Fernando González and Pavel Pérez in midfield; as well as Roberto Alvarado and Ricardo Marín or Javier Hernández in the attack.

So on the eve of this confrontation, both teams are preparing for a duel where appearances and numbers do not matter.

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