Julio César Chávez Jr.’s hook to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez: “I have already gone down to several morras, that’s why he has courage” [Video]

Chávez Jr. rants against Canelo at every opportunity.

Chávez Jr. rants against Canelo at every opportunity.

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. does not have a good relationship with Saul Alvarez. Canelo beat him in 2017 and since then the rivalry between the two has not stopped growing. Sportingly, the man from Guadalajara left the son of El Gran Campeón far behind. Nevertheless, Chávez Jr. constantly attacks outside the ring. His last hook in networks hit hard: the Jr. said that “it has lowered several hills” to Álvarez, and that is why he has courage.

Chávez Jr. said the spicy phrase in a live broadcast in which he sat for almost an hour talking to his fans. Around the eighth minute, the topic of the “most handsome boxer” came to the fore. Y July, modesty aside, was cataloged as the most handsome, noting that he looks good despite having over 60 fights in his career. “Neither Canelo, that dude I don’t care, he doesn’t do it, the net“, He released to start.

Then he completed his hook with a painful phrase addressed to Saúl Álvarez himself: “I have already lowered several muzzles, that’s why he has courageChávez Jr. said with great serenity. And later he continued talking about other issues, such as his future.

Demolition Man.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., during the same broadcast, noted that He plans to fight again on February 18, two days after his birthday. Possible rivals are being evaluated by Chavez Jr.’s team.

After said fight, maybe the tapatío accepts to face the mediatic Jake Paul, who he described as a fat and bad boxer throughout his live.

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