Julio González would be another goalkeeper for the Pumas, who could play in a Copa América, after 25 years – La Opinion

Julio González would be another goalkeeper for the Pumas, who could play in a Copa América, after 25 years – La Opinion

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With the twists and turns that destiny has, Julio González, goalkeeper of the UNAM Pumas, He was not on the priority radar of the Mexican National Team coaching staff headed by Jaime Lozano to be a starter or at least have minutes of activity in the Copa América. But given the injury of América goalkeeper Luis Malagón, the panorama for the feline goalkeeper has opened from door to door, which would be the first feline archer to play in a continental tournament after a 25-year drought.

The last time a feline goalkeeper participated in a tournament of this nature was Jorge Campos in the 1999 edition in Paraguay, where Mexico They reached third place, defeating Chile 2-1 with goals from Francisco Palencia and Miguel Zepeda, while Raúl Palacios scored for the Andeans.

From that moment to date, the absence of feline goalkeepers was evident, especially because they have been in the feline team in these 25 years. such as Issac Mizrahi, the Argentine Javier Lavallén, Esdras Rangel, Sergio Bernal, Alejandro Palacios, Odín Patiño, Alfredo Saldívar, Alfredo Talavera, Gil Alcalçá, Sebastián Sosa and now Julio González, who managed to be called up and placed himself on the threshold of playing for the first time in a Copa América.

Perhaps the opportunity seems a little late for González, since he is over 30 years old, but he never lowered his arms to fight for his consolidation with the felines. until he achieves his goal of having regularity in the First Division and thus being able to be called up to the 2024 edition of the Copa América.

Obviously, Mexico stopped participating in the Copa América after the 2016 United States edition, when the Centenario edition was played, where Mexico said goodbye in the quarterfinals with a humiliating 7-0.

Until that moment, there were no Pumas goalkeepers, since the last time a feline goalkeeper played It was in Paraguay 1999, while in Colombia 2001 the option went to Adrián Martínez, Óscar Pérez and Oswaldo Sánchez.

For its part, in Peru 2004 the alternative corresponded to Oswaldo Sánchez, in 2007 in Venezuela, the option was for Oswaldo Sánchez and Guillermo Ochoa in 2007, from there the continental event was played again in Argentina 2011 where the goalkeeper was Luis Michel, while in Chile 2015 the chosen goalkeeper was Jesús Corona.

Finally, in the 2016 Copa América Centenario in the United States it was Guillermo Ochoa who received the tremendous 7-0 win by the Andeans, with four goals from Eduardo Vargas, two from Edson Puch and the last from Alexis Sánchez.

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