“Just like you”: A la Shakira, Derbez’s wife makes a claim in a new video

“Just like you”: A la Shakira, Derbez’s wife makes a claim in a new video

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo launch a version of Shakira (Instagram)

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo launch Shakira’s version | instagram

In the midst of the commotion for the new theme of Shakirathe television comedian was not far behind and launched his own version of the “Bizarrap Music Session #53” which is performed by Alessandra Rosaldo herself, and which circulated from Eugenio Derbez’s social networks, snatching several laughs.

The famous couple did not miss the opportunity to make a parody and with their own version where the interpreter of “opposite senses“, claims the actor from “The Teddy Family“because of the resemblance of all his children.

#TodasSomosShakira. Based on the original version by @shakira and @bizarrap. Adaptation @sefchol, it reads in the description that accompanies the video clip.

Last Sunday, Eugenio Derbez made the publication where his wife appears in a video with his wife with a blue filter, similar to the original video of the Colombian, but adapting the lyrics to his life.

“Aislinn, Vadhir, José Eduardo, they all look very similar, I wanted something different, I shot the delivery, 23 hours pushing and Aitana is like you, just like you. Your genes are impressive and because they are all the same as you ” interpreter Alessandra.

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The mother of Aitana Derbez He adapted his look by wearing a checkered blouse that exposed the bra, inspired by the look of the interpreter of “Anthology”, while the also film producer and actor of “No refunds“, and other tapes, figure after her.

Although in his case he does not act as the dj since the 61-year-old artist instead handles cutlery while enjoying a dish.


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