Kalimba’s lawyer denies that there is a new complaint against the singer

Kalimba’s lawyer denies that there is a new complaint against the singer


Once again, the one who is in the eye of the hurricane is the singer kalimba, after some media outlets reported that he was being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City for the case of an alleged crime of sexual abuse and the person who was accusing him was a former collaborator, who accused him of having attacked her on three occasions.

This was made known mainly on social networks where it was said that the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office for Sexual Crimes was looking for imprison to the singer because the victim’s name Melissa Galindo He would have been affected as a result of these attacks.

According to the victim, he would have pointed out the singer-songwriter sexual harassment, Therefore, he would have responded with a statement indicating that they were being defamed, so he would also take legal action and now his lawyer has given more details about it.

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Kalimba would not have an arrest warrant against him

Now him lawyer of the member of OV7Eliser García, has denied the recent accusations and assures that his client has no accusation or arrest warrant against them in addition to the fact that it is not a new case, but something they have been working with since last March 2023.

This was made known in an interview with the program “De Primera Mano” where he indicated that it was a legal process from last year, but he did clarify that there is no arrest warrant and that his client will have to attend with a judge to continue with the case and find out if he will have to be prosecuted.

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“Although there is no arrest warrant, there is a summons from a CDMX criminal control judge, who calls both parties to determine whether there are sufficient elements to prosecute Kalimba,”

He also shared that Kalimba is very calm as he highlighted that he has not even started a legal process Therefore, there is no ruling or process for the lawsuit that Galindo filed for sexual abuse on March 16, 2023 and with which the musician indicated that he would file a lawsuit against her for moral damage.

“This begins with a complaint on social networks by the victim and subsequently, we came out to clarify the facts, present evidence and announce that a civil process for moral damage would be initiated,” he added.

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