Kanye West is sued by a former worker at his Malibu mansion – El Diario NY

Kanye West is sued by a former worker at his Malibu mansion – El Diario NY

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The rapper Kanye West has a new lawsuit on his record. It was recently reported that the former architect of his Malibu, California, mansion sued the rapper for firing him. It should be noted that This is not the first time West has been accused of wrongful termination. or for mistreatment of their employees.

The architect and contractor suing the rapper is called Tony Saxon and according to reports obtained by NBC News The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court..

Saxon alleges that Kim Kardashian鈥檚 ex-husband fired him for refusing to remove all the windows and the house鈥檚 electricity. Among the other requests that the rapper made is the replacement of stairs with slides. The architect says: 鈥淎t first I thought it was an artistic project. As we progressed, it began to become clear to me that [West] 鈥淚 intended to live there.鈥

The lawsuit is also made for non-compliance with fees for his work. Reports show that although the architect did not complete the work he was hired to do, only two payments were given: one of $20,000 dollars corresponding to a week鈥檚 salary and another related to the budget that had been designed to guarantee the viability of the works.

The documents read: 鈥淲hen the plaintiff refused to engage in any activity that was illegal, or that could endanger his physical safety, Mr. Ye (as the rapper now calls himself) responded: 鈥業f you don鈥檛 do what I tell you, you won鈥檛 work for me anymore. We will not be friends and you will only see me on television鈥. He would consider him an enemy if he did not agree to his demands.鈥

West bought this mansion in September 2021 and he had an ambitious project in mind that fell apart due to the rare requests, the lack of permits and the controversy that his comments have generated in recent years. For several months it has been reported that The property is completely abandoned and it will be very difficult for the rapper to recover it..

For now we have to wait to see how the lawsuit will proceed. We must remember that a few months ago the rapper He was also sued by some former workers at his Cristinia school..

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