Karina Banda had to go to therapy to improve her relationship with Carlos Ponce’s children – El Diario NY

Karina Banda had to go to therapy to improve her relationship with Carlos Ponce’s children – El Diario NY

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Karina Banda, Mexican television host, talked about how she managed to have a good relationship with the children of her husband, actor Carlos Ponce.

“I’m going to start by saying that when you enter a relationship where there are children of the other person, you enter knowing that you are getting married or entering a relationship with a complete package, because it is no longer just him or her, it is also his or her children, who are obviously his family and who at any moment are going to show their claws to defend their children,” he commented on the program ‘Desiguales’, broadcast by Univision.

Later, the presenter indicated that she sought therapy when situations began to arise. “We were also affected by the pandemic, many things begin to happen and I truly believe that for cases like this, there is nothing like the help of a professional who is outside the family, who can advise you on how to handle situations to avoid problems with your partner and your partner’s children”he added.

Dr. Nancy González, after listening to her colleague’s experience, emphasized that taking care of a child is science and that is why it must be done with different principles.

“You never tell a child ‘you have to love your stepfather or stepmother’, that is not possible because then the child learns that if a man says ‘I’m going to touch you’, and he is an adult, then he has to Let him touch you and that’s where the abuse comes,” he added.

In his opinion, the child must want to approach him and the stepfather or stepmother must win him over.

The sexologist added that the problems should be solved by the parents directly and not by the couple.

Adamari López stated that it is important that the father with whom these children live is the one who has to resolve these situations and not the new couple.

The public gave their opinion on this topic and that is why they said: “Karina Banda, if you live with Carlos Ponce’s mother-in-law and daughter, sooner or later that relationship will end, it is a matter of time. You’ll see. Carlos’s priority is his children and his stepbrothers that he didn’t want to give them,” “It’s not for nothing but if Karina continues talking about her private life, that marriage is not going to last at all.”

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