Karina Banda thanks her colleagues from ‘Desiguales’ after filing a complaint for extortion – El Diario NY

Karina Banda thanks her colleagues from ‘Desiguales’ after filing a complaint for extortion – El Diario NY

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Karina Bandaa Mexican television presenter, denounced on the program ‘Desiguales’, broadcast by Univision, that she has been a victim of extortion and on her Instagram account she thanked her colleagues for the support they gave her.

Through Instagram, the Mexican indicated: “Showing yourself vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of authenticity. Honor your feelings and allow yourself to be human.”

After this, he wrote: “Today was a day of many emotions at @desiguales.tv of a lot of love, empathy, camaraderie and friendship.”

In the entertainment show, in which other figures such as Dr. Nancy González, Migbelis Castellanos, Adamari López and Amara La Negra participate, they showed a video of a man who indicates that they have been taking care of the artist’s dog, but he has not paid. the lodging and care of your pet.

Furthermore, they warned him that if he did not pay the money they would send the material to the press: “You are a beautiful person, it is your decision.”

The famous woman commented that this whole situation has brought anguish and stress to her and her partner, the singer and actor Carlos Ponce. “Actually, the biggest pain I have in my heart is for the dog you are seeing,” she said.

Karina Banda said that the person in the video is the owner of a place where they take care of dogs and to whom they took this dog that they rescued on the street.

“We fell in love with her, from Turkey to Miami, but the service did not take place because to everyone’s surprise the dog was pregnant and could not travel and had to have her puppies. The man refused to give us the dog and basically, in my opinion, she has been kidnapped because he did not want to give us the dog,” he commented.

The driver explained that they have already spoken with the authorities to address her case, but for now they have not been able to achieve anything.

After telling what happened, the Mexican commented that it is necessary to report these types of events.

“It has been a long time that I have had it inside me, it is a feeling that I do not wish on anyone, but we must denounce these acts because courage is not in the absence of fear, but in facing it as well and taking everything out to fight against injustices, he is threatening me, extorting me, he wants to defame me,” held.

Dr. Nancy González congratulated Karina Banda for exposing this situation, since it is a necessity in this type of events.

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