Karma?  Clovis sends Aleska to the ‘friendzone’ on live Telemundo program – El Diario NY

Karma? Clovis sends Aleska to the ‘friendzone’ on live Telemundo program – El Diario NY

During the last weeks of La Casa de los Famosos 4, many fans began to become disenchanted with the passage of Aleska Génesis in the Telemundo reality showand it seems that this same thing happened to Clovis Nienow, once he was eliminated from the competition, and he was able to see the Venezuelan’s game from the outside and not only through the galas but also from 24/7.

The Mexican went from being in love and ended up understanding that the best thing now that the project is over, is to continue on separate paths.

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Aleska became the sixth eliminated on Sunday the 19th and for this reason she is now interviewed by many television programs on the Hispanic network. But the producers sought to have the show “At Home with Telemundo” and so that they would not be alone, they brought Clovis.

During the interview he was questioned about the words that Ariadna Gutiérrez recently released. Since it went viral, Clovis was present to receive the Venezuelan as the sixth eliminated. Seeing him next to her, the Colombian couldn’t help but make a comment and apparently she made reference to the fact that the Mexican, her friend, lacked dignity.

Clovis responded and got out of the mess of Ariadna’s comment by sending her love and saying the following to Aleska Génesis: “Everything I experienced inside this house was very honest. Aleska captivated me… what I experienced inside this house is like in Las Vegas, what happens here stays here.”

Given the words of her former lover, Aleska wanted to understand and asked him in front of Carlos Adyan to clarify his statement. And Clovis repeated: “I have great affection for you, but outside the house it is reality, outside maybe we are not compatible even in friendship… Outside you are going to realize many things… There were things that I didn’t like! !”

After this, the public says without hesitation that this scene is proof that karma exists and it reached the Venezuelan, because this time and on national television, Clovis Nienow was the one who left her in the friend zone, after she passed almost two months, within the reality show, rejecting it.

Here is the video with the moment that everyone is enjoying:

The public’s reaction to the “karma moment” of the week

The public’s position is complete support for Clovis, due to everything that happened between Lupillo and Aleska in recent weeks:

  • “Wow! Clovis you are a genius, you couldn’t have done it better. Clovis hit Aleska with white gloves, meaning what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.”
  • “Well yes, I believed that the affection for Clovis was genuine, but Aleska started “flirting” with Lupillo and said things that were out of place.”
  • “Well, Clovis and those who complain that he does not defend Ariadna, remember that he has just been punished for his fight with Cristina and they say that he put on a bad face to return to the program and give the interview, so understand that he is under contract, but well, Clovis.”
  • “Clovis understood perfectly Aleska is not for you mijito, you are at another level Aleska is at the level of Lupillo and Cristin, that is, low category.”
  • “Bravo, you better not have responded to Aleska. She should also know publicly that you didn’t like her expressions and what she said about you. And as Ari said, it’s not about holding resentments or anything, but you have to give yourself respect and not fall into those games.”

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