Karol G almost shows the “boobies” when the strap of her bra falls

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Few days ago, Karol G she caused heart attacks with a micro bikini and filled with foam while enjoying good company. On that same trip, the reggaeton made a video dancing and celebrating all her successes with her best friend, but Karol G almost shows the “boobies” when the bra she was wearing played a trick on her with the strip of it.

While Karol G he sang and danced with his best friend, the strap of her bra is lowered and almost shows part of her “boobies”, but that is not an impediment for Karol G pass the bomb as you usually do. Especially now that they say that he already has a replacement and that Anuel is on a new conquest.

So while Karol G continues to show off his attributes on Instagram, Anuel AA he is seen left and right with his supposed new girlfriend. Her name is Yailin and they call her Yailin The Most Viral. She is a trap singer. In addition, days ago she had a presentation in the Dominican Republic and Anuel AA was seen behind her with her eyes fixed on her. On the other hand, it is said that they spent the night together in a place that the reggaeton rented.

Even so, Anuel AA Y Karol G They turned the page in the singer’s dressing room after having sung together at El Coliseo de Puerto Rico, where their fans did not stop yelling at them to kiss. Unfortunately, the little babies will not be together again, but who knows if they soon do some collaboration.

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