Karol G publishes a photo with Feid for the first time on her Instagram feed – El Diario NY

Karol G publishes a photo with Feid for the first time on her Instagram feed – El Diario NY

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The Colombian singer Karol G She published a carousel of photographs on her Instagram account in which one stood out, because she was seen holding hands with Feid, with whom it has been rumored for a long time that they are dating.

‘Bichota’ was captured when she walked alongside Ferxxo, as part of her participation in the 2024 Billboard Women In Music Awards, in which she was recognized as Woman of the Year.

This photo is the first one he officially takes on his account, one more fact that confirms that he has a solid relationship with the interpreter ‘Luna’.

The Colombian’s followers did not hesitate to react to this publication and that is why they left her messages like: “Oh, God, I waited so long for the last photo. She deserves all the happiness in the world and this is where it is real, tomorrow will be beautiful”, “The real one lasts forever”.

Others wrote: “Reminder that we deserve beautiful love”, “Woman of the year, of life, of everything. We love you, how nice to see you happy”, “I died and I revived and I died again”.

These photographs come after the recognition received by the artist, who in recent years has become one of the main exponents of the urban genre.

“I found myself along the way with so many rejections and so many lost opportunities for that reason that I wondered why I had not been born a man to exploit all this, that love, that desire and the passion I felt for music, all the desire,” he commented. .

In addition to this, she stated: “It was assumed that because I was a woman I couldn’t achieve it and for a long time I believed that story, I believed that it wasn’t for me, because of so many times they told me that I couldn’t achieve it. And I always think about the number of people who leave their dreams behind.”

In her statement she added: “I was not going to allow being a woman to be an obstacle or define my capabilities, but rather it was going to be my strength, my motive, my reason.”

‘La Bichota’ also spoke about the importance of pursuing your dreams regardless of criticism: “I look back and feel very at peace with myself because I followed my heart. Follow your heart. “I don’t see pain, I see a lot of opportunities created, I see learning, I see a lot of hearts.”

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