Kate Del Castillo, at 50, models a flowing and transparent dress

Kate Del Castillo, at 50, models a flowing and transparent dress

Kate Del Castillo, at 50, models a vaporous and transparent dress (Instagram)

Kate Del Castillo, at 50, models a flowing and transparent dress | instagram

The controversial actress mexicanfamous for being “The Queen of the South”, Kate Del Castillo, demonstrates once again that at 50 years of age, she maintains and preserves a spectacular figure, then, he showed it off with an elegant and transparent dressed in their social networks.

In the last hours, the famous daughter of Eric Del Castilloshared a couple of Photographs in which he models a magnificent outfit and with which, is causing a furor. It is a beautiful long flowered dress in a lilac tone that makes you look an impressive figure.

Without a doubt, the dress is most elegant, although it seems more appropriate for the season spring-summer, well, it’s really vaporouswith a wide neckline and thin straps. In addition, the fabric achieves the effect of transparencyso the tiny black garment that she was wearing underneath can be seen without a problem.

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At 50 years of age, the famous actress made it clear with this flowing dress that she continues to take care of her attractive figure with great discipline and dedication, since she showed off her short waist and how toned her stylized arms, well, she even showed the great tattoo he has on one of them.

It is striking to see Mrs. Kate Del Castillo with this type of outfit, because she is a woman who almost always opts for simpler pants, shirts, and outfits. For this reason, seeing her in such a spectacular outfit has left her faithful followers captivated and in love, who are already more than 9 million on her Instagram account alone.

This long dress, in lilac tones, with a flowery print and a long cape that gives it a glamorous appearance, as well as its pronounced neckline at the front, instantly rejuvenated the famous woman and caused her fans to fill her with compliments and compliments in the comments.

It is worth mentioning that the success of this outfit is also due to the fact that Kate Del Castillo combined it with silver earrings, makeup in neutral colors and a manicure with short white nails. A true lady, elegant, beautiful and fashionable.

According to fashion experts, this dress can be worn by any woman, but it is recommended for those who are 50 years of age or older, because it hides the tummy and gives a slender figure, tricks that, without a doubt, Kate Del Castillo You don’t need, but it helps other women take risks and highlight their beauty with this type of dress.

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