Kate del Castillo explains why her father doesn’t recognize her

Kate del Castillo explains why her father doesn’t recognize her

Days ago, Kate del Castillo shared a video showing how her father, Erick del Castillo, did not recognize her when she surprised him in California, Los Angeles. The clip quickly went viral and also caused concern among the followers of the soap opera heartthrob.

Now, the Mexican actress came out to explain what happened and dispelled the rumors that the artist lost his memory. “My dad is lucid, he is more lucid than ever, what happens is that he no longer sees well,” she said.

«What he does not see well anymore, he did not recognize me at that moment, whatever, but they do… they have killed him like three times, which is one thing I say… it is terrible, but my dad is more sane than ever », he clarified, according to People in Spanish.

This difficulty in seeing is due to the fact that his father suffers from a hereditary disease in the macula – the part of the retina responsible for clear vision – which currently has no cure.

«He can no longer read scripts, he has to listen to them or my mother reads them to him, or he learns everything phonetically because he can no longer read, that is the only thing my father has, which is not a small thing, but apart from that, he is completely lucid, just like my mother, “said the actress.

In addition, Kate del Castillo commented that the video was not leaked nor was it by mistake that it reached social networks, while ensuring that the media were the ones that made the biggest issue.

«My sister (the video) uploaded it. It wasn’t anything private, far from it. The ones who made the mess were all of you,” Del Castillo concluded.

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