Kate del Castillo reveals that they wanted to change a part of their body to achieve success

Kate del Castillo reveals that they wanted to change a part of their body to achieve success

Kate del Castillo

Since she began her artistic career in the 90’s in Mexico, Kate del Castillo has been a reference as an actress for various productions in which she has participated, but the road to stardom has not been easy for the protagonist of ‘La reina del sur’.

Along this path, she has had to face the stereotypes of beauty and image established by the entertainment industry. For this reason, Castillo, who became known for the soap opera ‘Muchachitas’, confessed that in the beginning of her as an actress she struggled with these issues.

In the “Venga la alegría” program on Televisión Azteca, Kate addressed the issue in detail, saying that received harsh criticism for his nose, which have not been few, but despite this situation, he has never lost sight of who he wants to be and how he wants to see himself.

“I always wanted to be different from everyone, not the same as everyone, I know I have a big nose, not a perfect nose, they wanted to operate on me all the time. They always wanted to change me and I never let myself“, held.

The producer, also, said that she is proud to have stood firm against the proposals for surgeries and physical changes, so when faced with pressure she said “This is what it is, many also said ‘if you don’t teach, you don’t sell’, that phrase so Mexican and macho.”

Kate added that on the way to stardom there were insecurities, she even indicated that she questioned whether she should make the requested physical changes, since if she did not do so “I will not be able to become an actress, because they wanted to change me.”

Despite having these lapses, the famous, 50-year-old, understood that, in the end, she was not wrong with her position, but all those who sought that she should be physically modified, “thank God I have a family that has always supported me“, he claimed.

With the passing of the years, Kate del Castillo was right, since it has not been necessary to change her face to be able to stand out in the middle of the show not only in Mexico, but also in the United States, where she has made various productions and has opened spaces with other actors.

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