Kendall Jenner will become a cowgirl, trade Hollywood glamor for ranch horses

Kendall Jenner will become a cowgirl, trade Hollywood glamor for ranch horses

Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner.

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the horse of Kendall Jenner is having a baby and it seems that this has motivated her to change her life, at least for a while, which is why he might have made the decision to leave Hollywood glamor behind for ranch life and one that does indeed have horses.

the second season of ‘The Kardashians’ the young model said it loud and clear: “I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things that I would love to do in life, so I’m excited to continue exploring all of those things, but I’m moving to a ranch.“.

Her love and passion for horses goes so far that she considers herself a real rancher, in that episode she even made it clear to her manager: “I’m a real cowgirl”. The day, for example, that her horse had her baby, the model was already speaking about it, as reported by Showbiz:

“Jenner told her beauty team: ‘I just got the news. We have an embryo, do you remember that I asked you for sperm? Jen said:-I really want to get Kendall something cool for her birthday,” and I said, “Cum. horse sperm-“.

the older sister of Kylie Jenner She seems to have no problem with rebuilding her life and moving, since she is currently completely single, and it is true, She has been in an intermittent relationship with the NBA player since 2021, Devin Booker, it is also true that for whatever reason she is single again.

The reasons why they might have broken up, on the other hand, were exposed by E! News: “Their schedules didn’t align and eventually the relationship really ran its course. There is no bad blood. It wasn’t a terrible breakup,” a source close to the couple said.

Showbiz also took up the rest of the statements shared by said medium, where they assure that Kendall is happy with how her life is recently: “Kendall is in high spirits since the split. She has been very busy and is trying to take her company to the next level, and she is really focused on work. She’s not really up for dating right now“added the source.

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