Kevin Álvarez and Igor Lichnovsky would have one foot outside of América, they insist on the Águilas environment – La Opinion

Kevin Álvarez and Igor Lichnovsky would have one foot outside of América, they insist on the Águilas environment – La Opinion

Kevin Alvarez and Igor Lichnovsky They seem to have their hours numbered in America, according to reports close to the Águilas environment, which assure that both defenders will not be included in the plans for the next Apertura 2024 tournament and where any movement It will depend on what happens in the current Clausura 2024 league.

It is true that the cases of both players are different. On the one hand, Kevin Álvarez has fewer options to extend his stay in the Coapa team, especially because his performance in recent dates has declined to the point that in the current final phase has not been taken into account by Brazilian coach André Jardine.

While Igor Lichnovsky has justified his presence in the starting lineup of the American team, but his personality does not fit in this organization that has been reinforced by decisions such as the “Trisecta” podcast that he makes with former defender Miguel Layún and the aforementioned Kevin Álvarez, where they have handled many things iteam internals with the large number of followers who listen to their broadcast on social networks.

To make matters worse, Lichnovsky has participated in several social events that bothered the board, such as the Miami Grand Prix, where he was accompanied by Salvador Reyes, when it was thought that the players They had to be concentrated and focused for their League commitments.

This type of attitude went down very badly among the managers who have thought about not renewing the loan they agreed with the Tigers board, which is why it is almost a fact that does not continue in the Americanist picture.

On Kevin Álvarez’s side, things have become too complicated for him, due to a pubalgia injury that has been going on for a long time and that has prevented him from recovering the level he had in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and that allowed him to reach a contract of 11 million dollars with América.

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Kevin Álvarez’s change of look did not go down well in America, nor did Igor Lichnovsky’s attitudes, where the Uruguayan Brian Rodríguez has also been involved. Photo: Imago7.

But except for the previous tournament where he had an acceptable performance, despite the fact that in the league he was not the Kevin Álvarez of Pachuca either, in the current championship things became complicated for him until he lost the title. What’s more, coach Jardine has preferred to enable Israel Reyes, natural central defense in that area or putting Salvador Reyes on a changed profile before giving activity to Álvarez, who in the last calls has not even been taken into account, which also made him lose his place in the National Team.

Obviously, things are at a high point for both players and it will be in the next few hours when their future can be known, whether they continue in America or are negotiated, especially because the quality of both cannot be bought in a pharmacy. but the reality is that they are not irreplaceable either.

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