Kim Kardashian covers her breasts between ties, for a gala at Baby2Baby 2022

Kim Kardashian covers her breasts between ties, for a gala at Baby2Baby 2022

Kim Kardashian knows how to make a glamorous entrance, especially when she wears designs that actually hug her curves in such a way that they always look addictive and appetizing to her most assiduous fans. So, Kim arrived at the “Baby2Baby 2022” gala wearing a Barbie pink dress, which on the chest seemed to only have two ties -intertwined- covering the celebrity’s breasts.

Kim Kardashian arrived in West Hollywood for the Baby2Baby 2022 gala. / Photo Getty Images.

Kim Kardashian seeks to have an ally in Tristan Thompson

As recently reported by Showbiz, Kim Kardashian has spent years leading an arduous campaign to reform the US prison system, a task that has come combining with her law studies and which, in 2018, led her to meet with then-President Donald Trump in order to obtain a presidential pardon for a woman who had spent more than two decades behind bars because of a minor crime related to drug trafficking.

Although at an academic level the celebrity is not reaping the expected results, his activism and his commitment to the most disadvantaged have done nothing but win integers in recent times. Without going any further, yesterday Thursday the socialite decided to share the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the inmates of a youth center in Santa Monica and for that moment she decided to be accompanied by Tristan Thompson, Khloé Kardashian’s ex.

About this Kim Kardashian spoke on Instagram: “This year, I want to give thanks for all the people I have met in the different prisons of this country. ANDThis week Tristan and I enjoyed a very inspiring Thanksgiving dinner with the young boarders at Camp Kilpatrick. These young people have earned, thanks to their good behavior, the right to be in a model center. Many are already in college and have made big changes in their lives. I am looking forward to seeing their dreams and aspirations come true.”

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