Kim Kardashian obtained restraining order against attacker

Kim Kardashian obtained restraining order against attacker

Kim Kardashian obtained a restraining order against a stalker who claims to be armed and who communicates with her telepathically, TMZ reported. The measure, confirmed yesterday (November 5) will be valid for 5 years. The 42-year-old magnate assures that she does not know the individual personally.

Andre Persaud is the name of the subject, who appeared at least three times at the door of the reality star’s house in August of this year.

The man should now avoid contacting the businesswoman and keep a distance of 91.44 meters from her. Pete Davidson’s ex took precautions out of fear that things would escalate physically, especially since the guy said he was armed, according to legal documentation obtained by the outlet.

In addition, the order also prohibits you from having weapons, so you must turn over any similar resources you already have in your possession to the police.

It should be noted that the stalker also made a bizarre claim that, of course, terrified Kim Kardashian even more. He says that he communicates with her telepathically. The latter was warned by Kardashian in an Instagram post, supposedly by Andre.

The legal team of Kanye West’s ex-wife appeared in court, but it appears that she was not present, detailed Page Six.

Unfortunately, Kim is no stranger to experiences with disturbing men who want to cash in on her fame. In October 2016, in fact, she was surprised by some thieves at the hotel where she was staying in Paris, France. The criminals tied her up and proceeded to steal her jewelry.

It had happened several times already

On the other hand, in terms of experiences more similar to the most recent, in 2021 a man named Nicholas Costanza had sent a diamond ring and the morning-after pill to her doorstep. Usually, by then the mother-of-four also obtained a 5-year restraining order against him. Shortly after, he violated the rule and was arrested for felony harassment.

In turn, in May 2021, the influencer was granted a protection order against Charles Peter Zelenoff, a 32-year-old man who claimed to be in love with her. Sources say Zelenoff had shared videos of himself outside Kim’s property, frequently taking to social media to proclaim his love for the reality star, Complex magazine reported.

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