Kim Kardashian shows off her 60-centimeter wasp waist in a tight bikini

Kim Kardashian shows off her 60-centimeter wasp waist in a tight bikini



kim kardashian She is one of the best-known figures in international entertainment, absolutely everything the businesswoman and socialite does becomes a trend thanks to her popularity and, although her career as a businesswoman and reality star has not always been safe from some scandals, has managed to come out on top and even use them to increase its popularity. Kimberly is also quite known for her enviable beauty.

And the businesswoman manages to look beautiful and spectacular at all times. Recently, Kim posted on his official Instagram account a series of Photographs enjoying the beach where she looks spectacular wearing a fitted bikini of its own brand Skims. In the photograph you can see his enviable figure and, above all, his 60 centimeter wasp waist. The Photographs They managed to reach more than 3 million reactions.

The reality star likes to share Photographs From her daily life, her family and her businesses with her more than 350 million followers, the businesswoman does not miss the opportunity to show off her radiant beauty, even promoting her underwear line that has earned her public recognition. and other clothing brands because she herself has participated in the design of the articles and has made them part of her daily life.

Kim Kardashian excels as a businesswoman thanks to Skims

He fitted swimsuit what it looks like Kim in the photographs dwhere does his look wasp waist It is typical of their brand, it is not the first time that Kimberly She promotes some of the garments that are manufactured in her clothing line, she constantly wears some items as part of her outfit and has also participated in the brand’s promotional campaigns showing off her spectacular figure, this has earned the brand excellent publicity.

Thanks to the fotographies that Kim published her company in the tight black swimsuit, Skims brought in $1 billion to her net worth. Kimberly’s clothing company is valued at 4 billion dollars. Without a doubt, marketing experts consider that her best promotion has been precisely taking photographs wearing some of the clothes that the company sells casually.

Being such a recognized figure, the photographs have quickly gone viral, generating the popularity of the brand and the product. The success of Skims is such that it went from initially selling shapewear to offering lingerie and loungewear, however, kardashian She is already considering expanding her fruitful business to also add some designs for men to her catalog, without a doubt what Kim touches turns to gold.

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