Kimberly Dos Ramos asks not to speculate about William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez – El Diario NY

Kimberly Dos Ramos asks not to speculate about William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez – El Diario NY

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The actress Kimberly Dos Ramos He claims to have a very special affection for William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrezwith whom he shared some time ago while recording the soap opera ‘Vuelve a Mí’, so he sends them a support message now that the couple has made their separation public amid rumors of infidelity on the part of the Cuban actor.

“Yes, it is a difficult process. In addition to the fact that I love them very much, both Elizabeth and William, the truth is that it is something that I cannot give an opinion on because at the end of the day it is not my life, it is not my relationship. I send you a huge kiss, many blessings and may the best happen to you, I love you very much,” she said.

The Venezuelan points out that her friends are going through a complicated process, especially as they are public figures, so she asks the public and the media to stop making so many speculations so that the couple can clarify their situation in the best possible way.

“Being a public figure is not easy, letting people know about our relationships is very difficult, putting ourselves in their shoes is important and more so because there is so much speculation, so much talk, but they have the reality, they are the ones who live.” that relationship, So the important thing here is not to speculate so much, not to talk so much, especially when there are children involved.”, he assured.

“The important thing is that they are both happy and that this situation can be clarified, leaving them a little in that process, which is theirs.”

The protagonist of the soap opera ‘Vivir de Amor’ (TelevisaUnivision) attended the celebration for the end of recording of the melodrama, where she explained that she was grateful to have the opportunity to forget about the villains to give life to a woman with good feelings.

“I come from playing many villains that I love, they fascinate me, but leaving the comfort zone and accepting this challenge of being a woman as noble as ‘Angelli’ has filled me with a lot of gratification.”

“I have learned a lot and I feel that the characters definitely choose you and this character had to come into my lifee, a noble woman, to get me out of those strong feelings of villainesses, it really urged me. “I didn’t know I needed a character like that so much.”

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