Know the American visa type M and under what REQUIREMENTS you can process it

Know the American visa type M and under what REQUIREMENTS you can process it

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The type M visa It is a non-immigrant visa that grants the holder the possibility of pursuing non-academic or vocational studies in USAto process it it is necessary that the applicant has been accepted at a higher education center, a university college or a post-secondary study center. The student must cover at least 12 hours of study on a bimonthly or quarterly basis.

This type of visa is granted by the Office of Citizenship and Immigration of USAafter being accepted at the academic center where the studies will be carried out. Afterwards, the institution will be in charge of enrolling you in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, you will pay a fee for the Procedure and you will fill out Form I-20 to carry out the consular interview.

The American visa type M It does not allow the holder to work full-time during the time of their academic training, it is only allowed if the work is related to the discipline studied, as long as it is known to the Designated School Official. This program does not apply to training in language training. With this type of visa You can apply to the following courses: Cosmetology school, flight school, technical courses, cooking school or training in trades such as plumbing, carpentry or electricity.

These are the requirements to process the type M visa

The requirements to be able to request a visa type M They are the following; be enrolled in a vocational program, the study center or school where you will complete your training must be correctly registered in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service, the registration must be specified as a full-time student.

The student must master the English language or be enrolled in courses to master the language. It is an essential requirement to have financial solvency to cover all expenses during the training period. You must verify that you intend to return to your country after finishing the period. of academic training. This document does not give rise to the possibility of applying for a permanent resident card or US citizenship.

To get out of USA, If you are a beneficiary of a type M visa You have a period of 30 days from the end of your study period, after this period you type M visa It will no longer be valid, so if you remain within the United States territory after that period of time you could face legal problems with the immigration authorities such as fines, arrests or the cancellation of your visa.

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