Kristal Silva, the most stunning Catrina of the Mexican show

Kristal Silva, the most stunning Catrina of the Mexican show


Kristal Silva, the most stunning Catrina of the Mexican show (Instagram)

Kristal Silva, the most stunning Catrina of the Mexican show | Instagram

With the spectacular figure that has one of the most popular of the program come the joyKristal Silva, left her fans and viewers of the program speechless with her extraordinary characterization of the catrinaThus, she enhanced her beauty in a tight, very Mexican dress.

As part of the Day of the Dead 2022 celebration, the precious driver, she was not far behind and like her colleagues and beautiful of the TVwas also encouraged to dress up and transform into a beautiful Catrina, only that the Tamaulipas has curves and a wasp waist that made her steal glances.

With a beautiful and striking locker roomthe famous one, wore her silhouette of former queen of beautywell, with the help of a corset, she further marked that spectacular and short waist she has, while with a tight and tight skirt, she also showed off her divine and beautiful hips. A beauty wherever you see it!

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This beautiful outfit was complemented with a spectacular characterization of Catrina, since a makeup specialist left all his Mexican art on the beautiful face of the former Miss Universe contestant, with pink and blue colors, very well combined, recreating the perfect factions of the “boney”.

The headdress was the most attractive part of her incredible outfit, because on her head, Kristal Silva wore beautiful craftsmanship with red flowers, appropriate to the shape of this crown that is seen in some religious images, but with a Mexican touch.

The corset and skirt attire drew attention to being full of color and beautiful embroidery, from which some hearts stand out that decorated the exquisite attire, also alluding to images of the Catholic religion, but with that tribute to the traditions of the Day of the Dead.

Both the images and the behind-the-scenes video that Kristal Silva shared on her social networks of this outfit have caused great fury among her followers, since the photos already have more than 52 thousand “likes” in just one day, as well like hundreds of comments that enhance the beauty of this Mexican.

Wow,” wrote former Miss Universe Lupita Jones. On the other hand, the followers wrote comments like: “she is the Barbie Catrina, she is great”; “The most beautiful Catrina”; “You look amazing”; “I can not with the pretty.”

Definitely, Kristal Silva, With this outfit, she demonstrated her great pride in being Mexican and why a few years ago she was elected as the most comprehensive woman in the country, becoming the most remembered national beauty queen of recent times, well, her beauty is still intact, on the contrary, Every day she looks more beautiful and self-confident.


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