Kylie Jenner shows off her best friend with photos from her bed

Kylie Jenner shows off her best friend with photos from her bed

Kylie Jenner shows off her best friend with photos from her bed (Instagram)

Kylie Jenner shows off her best friend with photos from her bed | instagram

The businesswoman and influencers 25 years old, most popular age on social networks; Kylie Jenner captivated her millions of followers again with daring and daring photographs from his bed with which he fell in love with the camera in mini skirt and fitted top.

It is striking that, for this photo session from his bedthe famous younger sister of kim kardashian she was accompanied by her best friend, Anastasia Karanikolaouwho also owns a large beauty and a heart attack figure, just like his partner Jenner.

To the astonishment of her millions of followers, the businesswoman and her friend, appear lying on the bed sheets white, posing with an attractive fixed gaze towards the camera, playing with her hands, with which she covers her face a little. face. It stands out to see one of them with her head resting on the hips of her friend.

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For these photos, the friends decided to play with their attractive and revealing outfits, as they both wore the same design of a tight miniskirt and a long-sleeved top with amazing necklines, but in different colors. Both boasted flat, well-marked abdomens.

On the white sheets, the friends left their followers captivated and in love, both with their outfits and with their impressive attitude, because it is notorious that both are modeling professionals, uninhibited and fun, showing the great relationship they have.

The photos, shared by Kylie Jenner on her Instagram account, have been so successful that in less than 24 hours she already has an impressive number of 4,768,045 “likes”, with which the influencer makes it clear that her fame and popularity it is overwhelming. Hence, everything she posts goes viral.

It should be mentioned that, among the comments, some daring Internet users have expressed their curiosity by referring to the fact that the photos could reveal that there is something more than a friendship between Kylie and her friend, although this statement could not be confirmed, since the influencer has not made any comments about your preferences.

This way, Kylie Jenner, She continues to position herself in 2023 as one of the most popular and famous Kardashians on social networks and as a young woman who many other women follow as their inspiration to look and be like her.

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