La Casa de los Famosos 4: This is how the top 5 was in the grand finale on May 20 – El Diario NY

La Casa de los Famosos 4: This is how the top 5 was in the grand finale on May 20 – El Diario NY

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119 days, that is the time that four of the five finalists who fight today for $350,000 thousand dollars in prizes have lived, which are distributed among the first three places in The House of the Famous 4.

How are the votes going for La Casa de los Famosos 4, today, May 20, just hours before the grand finale?

The five who arrived at this moment were: Alana Lliteras, Rodrigo Romeh, Maripily Rivera, Geraldine Bazán and Lupillo Rivera. They experienced the grand final today, May 20, among 23 celebrities who accepted the challenge of that fourth season.

The final was experienced by showing the public and the finalists a review of everything that this edition was, not only for them as protagonists of everything they experienced, but also of what the public saw. They even showed, mentioned and talked about Thalí García’s time in the show and her escape from it.

La Casa de los Famosos 4: This is how the survey goes in the WhatsApp chat, hours before the grand final

The gala allowed the public, the finalists and former inhabitants to see how the grand final was being experienced from different cities and countries. Fans gathered to give their full support to their favorites in New York, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles and Mexico.

The closing of the voting was experienced with the announcement by Nacho Lozano saying that the voting was closed. Heading towards eight at night, Miami time, five in the afternoon, Los Angeles time, the die was already cast and so the time came to know the public’s decision that turned this reality show the most watched on Hispanic television, relegating much of Univision’s programming to second place.

The top five of this edition, by popular vote, was as follows:

  • 1. Maripily Rivera. “El Huracán Boricua” took the $200,000 dollar briefcase. All the surveys showed her as the sole and exclusive winner of this reality show. Since last week we confirmed that the final would be this way and today Nacho Lozano’s envelope confirmed it. Maripily turned off the lights at La Casa de los Famosos 4 today.
  • 2. Rodrigo Romeh. The protector and one of the great speakers of this edition took the second place medal. With this position, Romeh not only earned second place, but he showed that being who he is he could beat Lupillo Rivera himself, because the truth was always on his side. Nacho Lozano named him the best strategist and also stood out for his resilience. Romeh then takes the $100,000 briefcase.
  • 3. Lupillo Rivera. The man who slept in three rooms – earth, water and fire – and who was part of two teams, reached the end of this reality show and thus won the briefcase with $50,000 thousand dollars. Lupillo fell in love on several occasions within this reality show, first it was Thalí García, then it was Ariadna Gutiérrez and finally Aleska Génesis. “El Toro del Corrido” also went from being the big favorite to the only big villain of this game. It is surprising that no one received the singer, yes, but it was because all his daughters and his son were waiting for him on set. Lupillo then keeps the $50,000 dollars.
  • 4. Alana Lliteras. After 119, Alana leaves Celebrity House 4 as the fourth runner-up. The 20-year-old girl was thus consecrated, among 23 inhabitants who together with her made up this edition. Alana received the fourth place medal from her parents.
  • 5. Geraldine Bazan. The Mexican actress was received by her daughters, who gave her her fifth place medal, for votes cast. When she leaves it, she, along with Nacho Lozano and Jimena Gallego, sees a concrete summary of all her activities within the game.

It is important to mention that for this moment, all the surveys that we have shared, interpreted and presented to our readers have, in fact, been the most accurate. Today, before voting closed, I gave you these percentages for the first three places:

  • Maripily Rivera: 41.66% percent.
  • Rodrigo Romeh: 30.09% percent.
  • Lupillo Rivera: 20.13% percent.

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