La Opinión Hoy: Samuel Eto’o attacked a reporter in Qatar and La Opinión was there before anyone else

La Opinión Hoy: Samuel Eto’o attacked a reporter in Qatar and La Opinión was there before anyone else

The Cameroonian player is involved in a controversy in Qatar

The Cameroonian player is involved in a controversy in Qatar

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Last minute information arrives, Ricardo López Juárez, sports editor of La Opinión, witnessed a delicate moment that involved Samuel Eto’o, a former figure of the national team Cameroon and Barcelona.

“I was at the party Brazil against South Korea at Estadio 974 and I left a little earlier to wait for the reaction of the fans. Suddenly I saw coming to Samuel Eto’owho was surrounded by some fans who were trying to take a picture with him,” said López Juárez.

“Suddenly Eto’o starts arguing with a person, I suppose an amateur who had a camera in his hand. It caught my attention that the fan began to back away and the former player began to yell and demand something from him, I did not understand why he was not speaking Spanish or English. This person, as you can see on a video, starts backing up and Eto’o behind him furious. At one point they stop him, and someone from his surroundings approaches the person, snatches his photographic equipment and I think he throws it to the ground,” López Juárez added.

“When that person bends down as if looking for his camera, Eto’o detaches himself from what was holding them, goes in front of him, takes shape and hits him with a very violent kickstrong and dangerous, because it was close to the head, it knocked him down, it could have had great consequences, and later they took Eto’o”.

Our editor said that the person got up surprised by the soccer player’s reaction, wanted to interview him, but could not because Samuel Eto’o himself He approached him to confront Ricardo.

“It came over me, He came very angry I thought he was going to attack me, so I put his hands in front of him and asked him what was wrong. He couldn’t articulate words and he saw that I had my press ID, he stopped, someone from his surroundings arrived and left. I couldn’t locate the other person, a policeman never came, and there he stayed,” López Juárez concluded.

Qatar News

The round of 16 continues in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. carlos milleta journalist specializing in sports, analyzed current affairs.

“Finally Brazil showed their weaponsmade it clear what their sporting potential is, their scope, that they come to win the World Cup and the first victims, now in the round of 16, was South Korea” Millet said.

“It was a gale, goals from Richarlison, Vinicius, Paqueta, the return of Neymar, it was a solid 4-1 against a Korea that had already surprised Portugal, “he added.

Things continue to take their course in the round of 16, the favorites have won so far.

Now against Croatia

A good duel is coming up against the Croats, who beat Japan in the penalty shootout. “The story of the Japanese is over, they gave their best, it was a very good match, but such an experienced team, the world runner-up, had a hard time, but they won. Japan was one of the most refreshing teams in the World Cup. Demanding more from them was very complicated. He could not continue the story ”, concluded Millet.

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