La Opinion Today: There is no investigation into President López Obrador,” confirms the White House – La Opinion

La Opinion Today: There is no investigation into President López Obrador,” confirms the White House – La Opinion


On Thursday, February 22, the New York Times released a report on an investigation into the 2018 presidential campaign in Mexico of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the alleged links of some of his closest allies with drug trafficking. The White House, in the voice of the National Security Spokesperson, John Kirby, stated that it is not carrying out an investigation into the Mexican president. But Jesús García, specialist in Immigration Policy and National Affairs, was with us to give us a better context about this information.

It was very surprising that in his morning conference the president of Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that the New York Times, This is very unusual, I want to emphasize it is very unusual that it is revealed that certain officials have been sought for this investigation that is in process, Andrés Manuel López Obrador reveals that the New York Times is looking for him to respond to an investigation that is about to publish “About an alleged investigation by the United States government into his 2018 campaign and possible links between some of his allies, including his children, with drug trafficking, the report mentions that there are even videos about the children of Andrés Manuel López Obrador,” García detailed.

AMLO revealed that this letter with the questions from the head of the New York Times bureau in Mexico “and what is worrying is that she also revealed her email and telephone number, once she reveals that information about the questions the New York Times advances the report and publishes it before noon, it was estimated that it would publish it around 5 in the afternoon, but it published it practically when the conference ended and integrated what the president said at the conference,” then the inconcrete report And with this I want to conclude this first part of the intervention is that the report indicates that this investigation,” added the journalist.

The Americas Program of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) expressed this Thursday its “deep concern” over the disclosure of the phone number of a New York Times (NYT) correspondent. in the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, since he “put at risk” the team of the American newspaper in Mexico.

García assured that there are “three elements that seem substantial to me, The first is that there is no direct connection with President López Obradorthat is, they were not able to connect anything directly with him, the second and I find it very interesting is that the journalists of the New York Times themselves point out that the investigation, I suppose that of the DEA, they do not point it out, but those who carry out these investigations are the DEA, the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security, They point out in their investigation that the information was obtained from people whose information is difficult to corroborate, In other words, they are pure sayings, which is surprising and not only that, but Time itself points out that this information could even be false at any given time.”

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