Lady Gaga’s dog kidnapper already obtained his sentence

Lady Gaga’s dog kidnapper already obtained his sentence

On Monday, December 5, James Howard Jackson, involved in kidnapping Lady Gaga’s bulldogs, received a 21-year prison sentence, Entertainment Weekly reported.

According to information from the aforementioned site, the 20-year-old criminal accepted a plea agreement and did not refute the charge of attempted murder.

For context, in February 2021, Jackson and others were roaming wealthy areas in California looking for French bulldogs and other expensive dog breeds to steal for profit. When they ran into Fischer, they took two of the artist’s three dogs.

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During the incident, Jackson shot Ryan Fischer, who used to be the actress and singer’s dog walker. The bullet impact he received in the chest that almost cost him his life and greatly affected one of her lungs.

He knew how to forgive the worst

During the hearing in the courtroom where justice was done for Fischer, he had the opportunity to speak his mind to the person who made an attempt on his life. “I forgive you. With the attack, you completely altered my life. I know I can’t fully move on without saying these words to you, you shot me and left me to die, and because of that, both your life and mine were changed forever,” he expressed.

The victim’s full testimony in court is posted on the victim’s Instagram profile. In the post He explained that he will continue to update his followers about it in the coming days.

Prosecutors in the case assure that those involved in the horrendous crime had no idea that they were the dogs of the “Bad Romance” interpreter. Jackson was one of five suspects arrested in April 2021, two months after Fischer was shot.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón described the attack as “blatant street crime.” Lady Gaga has not yet commented on the matter.

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