Lambda García attacked Christian Estrada after taking Ferka’s son

Lambda García attacked Christian Estrada after taking Ferka’s son

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The actor Lambda García spoke about an event that occurred a few days ago and it is about the moment when Christian Estrada took away the son they had in common from María Fernanda Quiroz (Ferka) without prior notice.

In turn, he rejected that in the midst of the problems that have existed between some couples, they have to implement acts that end up affecting the children. For this reason, he stressed that sometimes it is unnecessary to have to give more details when things are in plain sight.

There is nothing lower than using a son as a bulletproof shield. Things fall under its own weight. There is no need to explain things when there is truth in the acts, ”wrote the Mexican on his Instagram story.

However, some Internet users stressed that the best thing in this case was not to comment and that both seek strategies to resolve what they were experiencing. What some do not remember is that beyond saying what you think, Garcia is the godfather of the little one.

For some months it was made public that there were some problems between Quiroz and Estrada, due to the constant rumors that were registered about the presumed taste that Ferka would apparently have for women.

In the midst of the scandal that arose, Christian would not have felt comfortable with the comments, a fact that led him to take his things and leave the home where they lived together, after a love affair that began in 2020 after meeting on the reality show ‘Guerreros ‘ from Televisa.

Christian Estrada was arrested

The model for a few days was involved in a controversy after having taken his son from Quiroz. For this reason, they proceeded to take the complaint into consideration and this Monday the authorities they took him arrested to comply with the provisions of the law.

However, there are no further details of the verdict in this case. In addition, so far the legal representatives of Leonel Estrada Quiroz’s father have not spoken. Therefore, it is expected that in any circumstance they will end up making a public announcement on social networks.

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