Learn about the American K-3 visa and who can process it I REQUIREMENTS

Learn about the American K-3 visa and who can process it I REQUIREMENTS

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Process the American K-3 visa allows the spouse of a person with US citizenship to enter the country temporarily while processing their Green Card, the waiting time to receive this immigration document can vary from 3 to 13 months, this waiting period is one of the disadvantages that it entails carry out this procedure because it is almost the same period of time that it would take a spouse to process their Green Card.

The disadvantage in your processing time does not mean that this document is not useful, in fact, it is a viable alternative for couples who got married outside of USAto process it, the person who has US citizenship must make the request using Form I-129F and present it to the Office of Citizenship and Immigration of USA.

The documents that you must attach when submitting the form are the following: passport of the person who has US citizenship, current passport of the spouse requesting the K-3 visalegal marriage certificate with English translation, this document must be certified, I-94 registration in case the spouse has traveled to USA, passport size photographs of each member of the couple, receipt of Form I-130.

These are the requirements to apply for the K-3 visa

The applicant must have been legally married to a person with US citizenship and reside outside of USA. The person who has US citizenship must submit the application to the corresponding immigration authorities. The person who has US citizenship must present a declaration of financial solvency or, where applicable, an affidavit of support, if the applicant has children and will go to live in USA They must be single and under 21 years of age.

Additionally, approximately 30 days after formally submitting the application to the immigration authorities, the applicant will receive by mail in their country of origin an invitation to appear for an interview at the corresponding embassy of their country. They must attend this appointment with the following documents: DS.160 visa application, passport size photograph and the following receipts.

Two passport-sized photographs, evidence of the relationship such as photographs, tax returns of the spouse living in USAmedical examination form, police authorization from the place where you have lived in the last 6 months, birth certificate, valid and current passport and marriage certificate. The cost of processing this type of visa It is approximately 265 dollars.

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