LeBron James spoke about his present and future in the NBA: “I don’t have much time left” – La Opinion

LeBron James spoke about his present and future in the NBA: “I don’t have much time left” – La Opinion

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The so-called ‘King’, LeBron James, continues to live a great moment in the individual framework so far in the 2024 NBA season and making the comments that assume that because he is almost 40 years old his level of play has decreased and his performance is not as expected, increasingly minimal.

However, it is public knowledge that his stay in the best basketball league of the world could come to an end sooner rather than later and based on this, James, former player of the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers with whom he won championships, came clean and once again flirted with retiring from professional basketball; This happened in a post-game interview in the locker room after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets 104-116 as visitors last Sunday.

Impressive numbers for LeBron

‘The King’ LeBron had one of the best performances in his entire career as a professional player, having scored a total of 40 points where he was able to make almost 100% effectiveness of his shots from long distance with 9 of 10 triples, something that also represents the best mark in his journey through the NBA as player.

In the field of three-point shots, there has been a clear improvement in the shooting percentage of James who currently has a 40.1% effectiveness rate so far in the regular season, this being the second best shooting percentage of his career. James averages a total of 5.2 three-point shot attempts per game.

Anthony Davis followed James in the victory in the offensive department with 24 points and having pulled down a total of 14 rebounds, while the Japanese Rui Hachimura contributed in an efficient and explosive way as is his game, 20 points and 10 rebounds in a game where the Lakers were the clear leaders of the game by a difference of 20 points in the first period, controlling the confrontation. Cam Thomas was the Nets’ top scorer with 30 points for the losers.

Retirement is near for James

“I’m not going to play another 21 years, that’s for sure. But not much (about retirement),” James told the media in a post-match interview from the visiting team’s locker room.

LeBron James was applauded by the visiting public when he left the game after his outstanding performance, one that will surely remain in the memory of the games of the native of Akron, Ohio and those that have been experienced in the facilities of the home of the Brooklyn Nets. It must be remembered that this is the third time that LeBron James has managed to score 40 points in a game this season.

“I don’t know when that door will close as far as when I retire. But I don’t have much time left,” LeBron reiterated.

2024 season for the ‘King’

So far in the 2024 campaign, the Lakers leader is averaging 25.2 points, 7.3 rebounds and 8.1 assists in 64 games. The Lakers have a record of 7 wins and 3 losses in their last 10 games and are located in the ninth place of the Western Conference.

Will he wait for his son Bronny?

James has said on several occasions that he will seek to stay in the NBA as long as he can, or at least until he can play on the same team as his son Bronny, who just finished his first season with USC in the first division of the NCAA.

LeBron’s contract has a player option in 2024-25, in which he will earn $54.1 million. After that he will be a free agent and his future could be defined much more clearly.

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