Leo Aldana returns to television, more international than ever

Leo Aldana returns to television, more international than ever


Six years have passed since Leo Aldana decided to abandon all his artistic projects in the country to settle in New York. He was there for a while, he prepared himself and later, due to other commitments, his destiny led him to visit other countries. From that moment on, he did not miss the opportunity to continue working on television: “Viajar en español” emerged.

A program that premiered this past September 7 and that brings it back to the screen, but this time on cable. It will be broadcast every Wednesday through Venevisión Plus. “’Traveling in Spanish’ is quite an ambitious project,” explains Leo.

Aldana He comments that the program emerged five years ago, “but then the pandemic came and it had to stop,” he says. The canning will have eight seasons and the Venezuelan will show various countries in which he had the opportunity to travel. Among them, Thailand, Aruba, France, the Dominican Republic and Israel will stand out.

“The idea is to be a guide for all Spanish-speaking people, that is, that all people who decide to travel, for example, to Thailand, Israel or France, can learn about it through the recommendations that we give in the program. What we do is go on the trail of entrepreneurs, tourism companies that offer tourism services, gastronomy, sports, culture”, he comments.

Leo Aldana’s intention is to tell, from his perspective and experience, how you can travel to other continents where another language is spoken. He will also mention anecdotes and stories of people who have had to adapt to other cultures to survive tourism.

“In the north of Thailand we met a lady who had a restaurant and it turns out that lady started studying Spanish to capture the Spanish public, which is a lot, and the people who went and did not know how to speak Spanish were captured by her. She arrived, she put a Spanish flag and the menu in the language, that is one of the many stories that can be seen in the program”, she relates.


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