Lewis Hamilton said he was robbed in the Formula 1 World Championship in the 2021 season – La Opinion

Lewis Hamilton said he was robbed in the Formula 1 World Championship in the 2021 season – La Opinion

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Lewis Hamilton is the most influential driver in the history of Formula 1, in addition to having won 7 world titles, achieving 103 victories, 104 pole positions and other records that he has broken. Off the court, he has participated in anti-racism protests amid the COVID-19 pandemic and often gives his opinion on a variety of topics and his words matter and echo around the world.

The 39-year-old British driver has done it again and once again shook people’s spirits by leaving a forceful statement about the definition of what the F1 Championship was in the 2021 season, in which it lost its eighth crown in the recent Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the hands of Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing.

On the last lap of the Yas Marina circuit, with the race neutralized, the former race director Michael Masi allowed the cars lagging behind Verstappen to make up their laps, leading to the expulsion of the Dutch driver running nearby in Hamilton, but he did not allow other drivers to get behind the Red Bull driver, making Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) uncomfortable. ), who was third in the classification.

With the safety car on the track, Red Bull called Verstappen to the pits to change tires. With the new tires, when he was behind Hamilton, the Dutch driver had better grip than the British and after the restart he overtook him, winning the race and taking the championship lead in Máxima.

What it meant to lose that championship

The issue focused on the application of the regulations, a procedure provided for in article 48.12 of the Sports Regulations., which suggested that the race could continue, but keeping the stragglers among the first, and especially the five who separated the two opponents to win the championship of that season. However, on the next lap, the drivers were ordered to pass in front of Verstappen and only they were able to pass the safety car and recover the lap.

“I’ve been robbed? Obviously. I mean, you know the story.. But I think the most beautiful thing about that moment, what I remember, is that my dad was with me. And we were together. Going through this huge roller coaster of life, with its ups and downs. And the day it hurt me the most, he was there, and the way he raised me is still there, with his head held high,” Hamilton said in an interview with GQ magazine.

Hamilton admitted that: “I obviously went to congratulate Max, not realizing the impact it would have, but I was also very aware that there was a little ego watching me. That was the moment that decided my life. And I think that was really the case. I felt it. I didn’t know how it would be perceived. I didn’t discover it. But I was fully aware: the next 50 meters I walked was when I fell to the ground and died or got up.”

Complicated moments for English

These have not been easy times for Hamilton, but despite this he assures that: “My fans have truly been with me in life or death. At first I didn’t understand: “Guys, I won’t win anything! But I realized that it’s not easy to recognize who always finishes first. It is inspiring. But there is no other option…”

2024 season, the last behind the wheel of Mercedes

About the current season he said: “I am training harder than ever. I feel more physically prepared than ever. So I am excited about the present because I know that there is nothing more promising than that,” said the Englishman. “But it’s also about ideas, I have all these ideas about what I want to do more of in the next phase.”

“Honestly, I’ve proven everything I ever wanted to do. I do it every year. Win the world championship. Beat Records. And that’s why I have other plans for the future,” Hamilton said.

The first black driver in Formula 1

Once again Hamilton was questioned about his thoughts and feelings. being the only black driver behind the wheel of a car: “As the only black boy on the track, having problems at school, my great motivation was always my passion and love for this sport. I thought, “If I win the race, I will get this acceptance in this world.”

“When I first got into Formula 1,” he said, “it was waking up, practicing, running, running, running., running, nothing more. There is no room for anything else. But what I realized is that working all day does not bring happiness and that you have to find balance in life. And I discovered that I was actually quite unhappy,” admits the Ferrari driver for 2025.

“I missed a lot of things, there is a lot more for me. And it was crazy, because I thought: I am in Formula 1, I have achieved my dream and I am where I always wanted to be, I am at the top, I am fighting for the championship. But it doesn’t. “It wasn’t pleasant,” the Englishman revealed.

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