Like the Paw Patrol, lomito helps detect bombs in Ukraine

Once again the best friends of man show us the reason why they have been called that and today we bring you the story of Patron, a puppy who, due to his great work, has now traveled around the world.

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In accordance with the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of Ukrainethe dog, breed Jack Russell Terrier, it manages to sniff out any dangerous items it might detonate.

The brave work of Patron

And it is that since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Patron has done a great job collaborating with the rescuers of the State Emergency Service (SES) as explosives tracker.

The intelligent and brave loin is always armed with a small military vest in which you can see the shield of his team and so far it has managed to locate more than 90 explosives.

鈥淥ne day, Patron鈥檚 story will be made into a movie, but for now, he is faithfully fulfilling his professional duties.鈥 the Center noted.

In addition, they have disclosed With only two years he has become the soul of Chernigov, one of the main political, economic and socio-cultural centers of Ukraine that has been severely affected by the war.

鈥淗e is two years old. He is the soul and the mascot of our Chernigov pyrotechnicians. By the way, he likes cheese a lot, so our boys taking advantage of the occasion are pampering him.鈥

Terrier breed of dogs

The Jack Russell Terrier breed is used for this type of tactical operations because it has many characteristics that make it stand out from other races.

  • Its compact size It helps you get into small spaces where you might see explosives and locate them more easily.
  • His great olfactory capacity allows them to detect both explosive devices and gunpowder trails.
  • Forever is alert, tenacious, independent, agile, has great strength and endurance, so they are also often used at airports.

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  • Barking and digging are some of the most appreciated qualities in a terrier, so they are also a great help in rescue operations.

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