Lili Estefan “eats” Thalía’s rib

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the driver of The fat and the skinny, Lili Estefanturned 55 years old and many of his personal friends dedicated some very heartfelt congratulations to him on social networks. One of her most heartfelt was that of her friend and former partner of hers from UnivisionMaria Elena Salinas, and of course, Raul de Molina. But another one who did not want to be left behind was her best friend Thaliawho he allowed Lili to “eat” his rib.

with a photo of Lili Estefan and a beef rib in hand Thalia wrote on her Instagram account: “What better gift for my skinny than… my rib!!! I hope you like it”. Let’s remember that it has always been said that Thalia has a tiny waist for having some ribs removed and for that reason, the Mexican singer wanted to dedicate this ironic and funny message to her best friend, “The skinny girl” from Univision.

Lili Estefan he turned 55. Days before it was celebrated in the studio of The fat and the skinny with an African warrior and a rather particular French pastry. Furthermore, the journalist Mandy Fridman revealed all the details of what Lili did during her day, in which she only published the heartfelt messages left by family, friends and even fans, being that of Thalia the funniest of all.

Just a few weeks ago, both celebrities went aboard a boat through the beaches of Miami, while one, in this case Lili Estefanhandled the boat, Thalia He skied at full speed. There is no doubt that this pair knows how to have a blast and they represent a good example of what a friend for life is.

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