Lili Estefan returned to ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ after being absent for two weeks – The NY Journal

Lili Estefan returned to ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ after being absent for two weeks – The NY Journal

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The television host Lili Estefan returned to “El Gordo y La Flaca” last Tuesday after having been absent for two weeks in one of the Univision studios. At the same time, He was enjoying some days of rest, moment where he took the opportunity to show off his time in the Dominican Republic.

However, last Tuesday he was back at his home, although there were some activities that he had to carry out in the aforementioned country and He returned to take his suitcases and a plane to be able to comply.

In turn, she was very happy with some waves in her hair, as well as a tight red dress with a deep neckline that left little to the imagination of those who remain attentive to the content they transmit daily. “We start with @rauldemolina and @liliestefan returning from their vacations directly from #republicadominicana”, was the message that accompanied the publication made.

Karina Banda, Clarissa Molina, Ninel Conde and Dayanara Torres They were some of the prominent personalities from the world of entertainment who replaced ‘La Flaca’, while each of them expressed their joy at being able to share with Raúl de Molina.

In addition, the users of the camera’s social network expressed their joy at seeing the host again through the Univision screen where they carry the details of the show business, although they also They sent their condolences for the tragedy that occurred in the Dominican Republic.

“Thank you for recognizing that we are a country where there is everything, but many good and hospitable people, blessings”, “You have to be more humble and not show off, it is a family program and not to show off”, “You will always be welcome”, “Lili Estefan is already old and all wrinkled”, “Lili is ready to retire, “Here I welcome you with my arms open”, “Welcome skinny, now they are perfect”“Nice to see you again. Honestly, when you’re not on the show, I’m NOT interested in seeing it”, “Welcome @liliestefan, we already needed to see it on the show”, were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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