Lili Estefan turned 55 years old: this is how “La Flaca” has changed

    Lili Estefan

Lili Estefan

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Lili Estefan arrived at the age of 55 this Sunday, March 20. The renowned 鈥淔laca鈥 from the famous Univision program 鈥淓l Gordo y La Flaca鈥 was honored by the show last Friday and thus began her birthday celebration, surrounded by her co-workers and singing happy birthday.

Now, when he officially celebrates his birthday, on the program鈥檚 Instagram account they published a video that compiles images since Estefan was a baby and in which different stages of the life of the Cuban driver are shown to show how much he has changed over the course of his 55 years of age

鈥淗appy birthday to our dear @liliestefan health, love, prosperity, success and blessings today and every day!鈥 wrote the program along with the video.

In the audiovisual, Lili is seen as the first image as a baby. The tour continues through his adolescence and the changes during his adult life, while a traditional happy birthday song plays.

In the comments of the publication, several messages of congratulations have been left, full of blessings and many good wishes.

The fans of 鈥淓l Gordo y La Flaca鈥 also congratulated Lili Estefan through the cameras of the television program, since Galena Solano went to tour the streets of Upper Manhattan and the followers of the show sent their happy birthday messages to the Cuban.

Among those who sent their wishes to 鈥淟a Flaca鈥 several stood out for proposing themselves as suitors for her: 鈥淪he needs a man like me, a worker鈥, 鈥淟ili, my love, happy birthday, the best gift for you is me, a boy of faith鈥, they told the birthday girl.

Sharing the video of the anticipated celebration that they did in 鈥淓l Gordo y La Flaca鈥, Lili wrote: 鈥淐elebrating my birthday in advance with my family from @elgordoylaflaca THANK YOU FROM THE WHOLE HEART!!!! for all the beautiful surprisesssss, I love you a lot鈥.

There in that publication they have also wished him a wonderful new year of life. Among the comments, that of Clarissa Molina stands out, who said: 鈥淐ongratulations my skinny beauty. You are a very special person, 鈥漺rote the Dominican host, who recently got married to Vicente Saavedra.

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